Jakarta, November 30, 2016 – Indonesian furniture and craft industry keep on moving to show the industry’s development and innovation to international market. The Indonesia Furniture Industry and Craft Association (HIMKI) is optimistic that the industry will continue to grow and contribute more to the country’s economy. HIMKI Chairman, Soenoto, said the association believes that the furniture industry will see a 10 percent growth this year.

“To date, the biggest markets for Indonesian furniture and craft exports are to the U.S. and Europe. We will continue to expand our export markets to China, Middle East, and Africa. We are expecting that new markets in these regions could support our export target to reach US$5 billion by 2019,” said Soenoto.

The global furniture market is currently worth US$141 billion and Indonesia so far only able contributes 1.5 percent or around US$1.902 billion. There is a huge potential for the business to grow which require support from all stakeholders including the government, particularly in the policies that are favorable to the furniture and craft industry. Indonesia also has huge human resources, in addition to its natural resources, which provide the tool to support the industry’s growth. Indonesian furniture and craft industry absorb around 2.5 million workers, direct and indirectly.

One of HIMKI’s flagship programs to promote Indonesian furniture and craft products to international market is through the Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX), which is one of the biggest business-to-business (B2B) exhibitions in South East Asia. IFEX is scheduled to take place on 11 – 14 March 2017 at JIExpo Kemayoran and themed, “The Essence of Infinite Innovation”. IFEX is also supported by four ministries namely the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Cooperative and SME, and the Ministry of Forestry and Environment.

HIMKI Vice Chairman for Organization & Inter-Institution Relations, Abdul Sobur, said that IFEX has an important role in supporting the industry’s export value. In addition, said Sobur, the exhibition provides stimulus for industry players to improve their innovation and creativity to produce quality products with added value, hence building Indonesia reputation to global market as renowned producer of world-class furniture and craft products. The exhibition will gather local furniture and craft players with thousands of buyers, distributors, and agents from all over the world such as Europe, the U.S., Middle East, Australia, and Asia.

One of the highlighted products at IFEX is the rattan-based furniture and craft products. Indonesian rattan products are natural and environment friendly products and feature certain uniqueness that represents the craftsmen’s skill. This is one of the reasons that made Indonesian rattan products are known as luxurious products and highly wanted in Europe, the U.S. and Asia-Africa.

The potential to introduce rattan products to wider markets are huge. Rattan-based products can be one of the leading products for Indonesian furniture and craft products, in addition to wood-based and bamboo-based products. Indonesia is known as the world’s largest rattan producer with 85 percent share, and the remaining 15 percent is shared between the Philippine, Vietnam, and other Asian countries. The current production of Indonesian rattan is around 622,000 ton per year with 350 rattan species.

Regions with the highest rattan production in Indonesia are Kalimantan, Sumatera, Sulawesi and Papua. Meanwhile, regions for rattan industry products can be found in Cirebon, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Gresik, Jepara, Kudus, Semarang, Sukoharjo, and Yogyakarta.

As part of the preparation for next year’s IFEX, HIMKI keep on conducting socialization to Indonesian furniture and craft players to participate in the exhibition. To date, participants have secured more than 80 percent of the exhibition area, or around 15,477 square meter of the total area that covers 19,813 square meters.



HIMKI is the result of the merger of two previous organizations in furniture and craft industry, AMKRI and ASMINDO. The two agreed to merge into one organization to increase the competitiveness of Indonesian furniture and craft products in local and international markets, and to be the single medium that is solid and big and can be the government’s partner in supporting the industry. HIMKI was declared on May 31st in Jakarta. HIMKI is established based on similarity in the vision, mission, and purposes among its members to collectively support the country’s furniture and craft industry. The organization is expected to become the institution that is aspirational and accommodating with the spirit of equality among its members.





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