Jakarta, 12 March 2017 – The organizing of Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) provides the perfect momentum for Indonesian furniture and craft manufacturers to increase local and foreign customers’ loyalty and improve cooperation with them. Therefore, in this year’s IFEX HIMKI again organises The 3rd Indonesia Furniture and Craft Buyers Appreciation Award (BAA).

In this year, HIMKI selected 30 buyers that were considered to have significant contribution to Indonesian furniture and crafts products in terms of purchasing power. Committee finally chose Lexington Home Brands from the U.S. as the winner of this year’s Buyers Appreciation Award. Last year, the committee awarded three companies as the winner of Buyers Appreciation Award namely Yamazen Corporation (Japan), A-America Inc. (USA), and IKEA Supply AG (Sweden). These three are still the main markets for Indonesian furniture and crafts products with the U.S. as the biggest export destination with US$700 million.

Abdul Sobur, HIMKI Vice Chairman of Organization and Inter-Agency Relations, said the BAA is an appreciation to foreign buyers for their cooperation and loyalty in purchasing Indonesian furniture and craft products for more than five years. “They have significant contribution in increasing state income, improving number of workers, and supporting the development of our furniture and craft industry. Through this award we want to encourage international buyers to increase their spending in our products and tighten the collaboration,” said Sobur.

Future Coating Technology for Indonesian Furniture Industry

Besides BAA, HIMKI also organized several seminar related to the industry such as the “Powder Coating Tech for Furniture Industry” seminar that was held today (12/03). The technology can be applied to create stronger coating compared to regular coating. This kind of coating uses free-flowing dry powder that usually uses two kinds of powder such as thermoplastic and thermoset polymer.

“The advantage of using powder coating is that the coating is thicker, more even and smoother than regular coating that uses watercolour. Vertical and horizontal vertical coating creates the same quality, without using solvent to create volatile organic compound, and can be used to create special coating effect, which is nearly impossible for other coating technology to do,” said Amit Ghaisas of Staffeld Equepments Pvt. Ltd., as the speaker of the seminar.

In the same day, HIMKI also organized “Designing Safety into Your Furniture and the Requirement to Sell It in The united States” seminar that featured Tilven Bernal and Jacob Miller of The United Consumer Product Safety Commission/USCPSC USA as the speakers.

The various supporting programs that were arranged by HIMKI and Dyandra showed their commitment to create a system to the organizing of furniture and craft exhibitions. “We want to improve our exhibition system to help us accelerate the sector considering we have quite a high target of achieving export value of US$300 billion within the next three years,” said Soenoto, HIMKI Chairman during a press conference on Saturday (11/03).

“HIMKI continuously consolidating with various institutions and ministries to boost the sector such as the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Cooperative and Small and Medium Enterprises, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Home Affairs, and Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT),” Said Soenoto. HIMKI also proposing to inaugurate May as the might of ‘Indonesian Furniture to strengthen the socialization of Indonesian furniture and craft to local and global audiences.


HIMKI is the result of the merger of two previous organizations in furniture and craft industry, AMKRI and ASMINDO. The two agreed to merge into one organization to increase the competitiveness of Indonesian furniture and craft products in local and international markets, and to be the single medium that is solid and big and can be the government’s partner in supporting the industry. HIMKI was declared on May 31st in Jakarta. HIMKI is established based on similarity in the vision, mission, and purposes among its members to collectively support the country’s furniture and craft industry. The organization is expected to become the institution that is aspirational and accommodating with the spirit of equality among its members.

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