Jakarta, 13 March 2017 – Entering its third day, the Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) has attracted more local and foreign buyers to the venue. On the last day of the exhibition, the committee opens the door for general public to come and enjoy the various high-end products and offers the chance for public to purchase them.

“On the first three days the exhibition is only open for buyers who purchase in large quantities. Therefore, we facilitate them to explore and seek furniture and craft products that suit their taste and needs. As for the last day, which is tomorrow, we welcome general public to witness the innovation, designs, and creativity of various furniture and craft products presented in this exhibition,” said Bernardus Arwin, HIMKI Vice President of Promotion and Marketing.

He added that by opening the exhibition to general public, HIMKI as the host wants to disseminate more information to public about the richness and beauty of Indonesian furniture and craft products, and is expected to drive the development and improvement of the industry in the future.

To provide comfort to visitors, the committee has prepared various facilities such as Travel Agent, Online Booking Hotel, Uber Lounge, Food Truck Area, Freight Forwarder, Free Shuttle Bus, Taxi Counter, Invitation Letter for Visa Application Service, Business Centre, ATM Centre, Money Changer, Luggage Deposit, Cafeteria & Lounge, Free Internet Kiosk, Medical Service, Prayer Room, Kids Corner, Pre-Registration Online, and many more.

Daswar Marpaung, President Director Dyandra Promosindo as the organizer of IFEX, said that for international B2B exhibition, the organizer try to make sure that buyers really feel they are warmly welcome by IFEX starting from the airport, hotels, and during their visit to the exhibition. “Sometimes we find buyers who are new to the exhibition, and Indonesia, and need these services to help them concentrate on the event. We also have interpreter service that is available in 10 languages namely Spain, French, Russian, German, Italian, Turkish, Arabicm Chinese, Korean, and Japan,” said Daswar.

As an appreciation to buyers and exhibitors attending and participating IFEX 2017, HIMKI and Dyandra Promosindo held Buyers & Exhibitor Night (12/03) at Holiday Inn, Kemayoran. In this event, HIMKI expressed its gratitude to exhibitors and buyers for their participation and support to this year’s IFEX. In this occasion, HIMKI also announced the winners of IFEX Award 2017, which is another appreciation to exhibitors for their amazing booth designs and second to none products being displayed at IFEX 2017.

List of Winners of Exhibitors Award 2017

1. Cohen (B-038)
2. T Vintage & Recycled (B-012)
3. Suntech (D-003)

1. Kusmin Antik (BC-097)
2. Sunbrella (D-095)
3. Modena Rattan Cirebon (B-025)

1. Gratia Magna (OS -10B)
2. Il Giardino Di Legno (C-021)
3. Multay International Indonesia (A-028)

1. “Alice” L’Ambience (A-077)
2. “Preshistoric Console” Jaguar Metal Artwork (A-067B)
3. “Influence” KLEO by KOOC Kreasi (D-076)
4. “Baru Lounge” Pinako (C-022)

1. “Wall Décor” Siji (A-045)
2. “Birdcage Stool” Natural House (A-023)
3. “Wall Décor Paper” Kaysa Furniture (D-089)
4. “Bird Figure” Bali Wirama (A-006)

1. “Volare” Vivere (D-023B)
2. “Pencil Stool” WK Concept (P-KMA018)

1.      “Alice” L’Ambience (A-077)
2.       “Preshistoric Console” Jaguar Metal Artwork (A-067B)
3.       “Influence” KLEO by KOOC Kreasi (D-076)
4.       “Baru Lounge” Pinako (C-022)

1.       “Wall Décor” Siji (A-045)
2.       “Birdcage Stool” Natural House (A-023)
3.       “Wall Décor Paper” Kaysa Furniture (D-089)
4.       “Bird Figure” Bali Wirama (A-006)


HIMKI is the result of the merger of two previous organizations in furniture and craft industry, AMKRI and ASMINDO. The two agreed to merge into one organization to increase the competitiveness of Indonesian furniture and craft products in local and international markets, and to be the single medium that is solid and big and can be the government’s partner in supporting the industry. HIMKI was declared on May 31st in Jakarta. HIMKI is established based on similarity in the vision, mission, and purposes among its members to collectively support the country’s furniture and craft industry. The organization is expected to become the institution that is aspirational and accommodating with the spirit of equality among its members.

For more information, please contact:
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Maulana S Jaelani

Public Relations IFEX 2017
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