Seken Living is furniture company in Yogyakarta, that established in 2014. Seken Living starts with one basic concept to evoke memories of the past through the collections. Rough, irregullar, and imperfection are the character that have beautiful stories inside. All the main materials used reclaimed teak. Our skilled carpenters are able to transform them into new and timeless furniture. As an effort to sustain the environment, we only used recycle wood as the main materials. We don’t cut the trees down, but we got it from old house. In addition the historical value of the used wood, me make sure that the wood also has good quality to reuse. Defect or injured wood is not a bad thing. In other hands we considered that defected wood has magnificent historical object. In the end, our goal is to revive the second life of the wood to create a greener tomorrow. So, welcome to our journey.

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