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Independent Furniture was established and found in 2000 by our Director; Asep Kurniawan and wife Fety Fatimah. The name ‘Independent’ signifies hard work and determination of a small individual. When one has the motivation and will to work towards their goal, even with minimum external support, everything is achievable. To our Director, that is what our company independence is all about. As a result, what started as a small local family business are able to grow into an export company with hundreds of furniture designs mainly based on natural rattan and woods.

We believe that every house should be the final destination of one’s day and be the most comforting space. Every inch, corner, and room contain stories about the household, and we wanted to incorporate our product as part of our client story. Our goal is to make sure that happiness starts and ends at home because to be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition.

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